RCMP Helicopter Collides With RCMP Drone

An RCMP helicopter and a drone also operated by the police force collided in northern B.C. in February according to a report that was posted to the CADORS list on June 3. The AS350-3B and two drones were taking part in a police operation about 24 km south of Houston, B,C. when the helicopter and one of the drones, a 2.4 kg. FLIR SkyRanger came together at about 300 feet AGL and the helicopter, with three people onboard, made a precautionary landing on a road. The pilot reported some vibration immediately after the collision but was able to make a controlled landing.

The helicopter had damage to its main rotors and tail boom and needed repairs. The drone was destroyed. The helicopter pilot and the drone operator were in radio contact at the time of the collision. The drone in question is popular among police forces and military for surveillance and tracking and features a forward looking infrared display.