Rotech ‘Distributor of the Year’

Rotech Motor in Vernon, B.C. has been named Rotax’s Distributor of the Year for the second year in a row and has a hefty piece of staff room equipment to mark the honour. The Austrian company sent Rotech an espresso machine made from the block of a Rotax 915IS. “They sent us a trophy last year,” said a bemused Rob Seaton, director of Rotech. 

Rotech was one of the early distributors of Rotax products and is now one of 16 worldwide. Although it’s one of the smaller distributors in the network, it’s dedication to customer service, quality products and work set it apart. “It’s all on a points system,” said Seaton. Distributors not only sell engines, they provide all the warranty work and compliance for those engines.  Rotech’s territory covers Canada for all non-certified engines and all of North America for certified engines.