Runaway Cart Injures Three

Runaway cart on Air Canada E190.
Runaway cart on Air Canada E190.

For the second time in as many months, Air Canada passengers have been hurt by a hurtling beverage cart.

In the latest incident, a cart careened down the aisle of an Embraer E190 as it decelerated after landing at Regina on a flight from Toronto on Oct. 31.

The cart, which weighs hundreds of pounds, is shown practically in the laps of a couple of passengers on the plane.

Passenger Valerie Bradshaw said she was knocked out cold by the cart and a man suffered broken bones.

“It had flown down the aisle, hitting the back of my seat and forcing me to fly into the seat ahead of me and I hit the TV monitor with my left side,” Bradshaw told Global News.

Bradshaw and another passenger were taken to hospital while a third was checked by paramedics and released.

In late September a cart on another E190 also let loose on landing in Ottawa but a passenger was able to hold on to it before it caused too much mayhem and there was only one minor injury among the five people who were hit.