SAM Aircraft For Sale

Thierry Zibi is selling SAM Aircraft in Lachute, QC
Thierry Zibi is selling SAM Aircraft in Lachute, QC

SAM Aircraft owner Thierry Zibi says he’d rather design and test aircraft rather than build them on a production line so his first project is for sale.

The SAM is certified as and advanced ultralight in Canada and garnered a fair bit of attention for its retro looks and tandem cockpit when it was introduced two years ago.
The aircraft has undergone a full flight test program and deposits have been collected on sales of a few airplanes but Zibi says someone else should take over the business, which is located in Lachute, QC.
“I came to the realization that I love designing airplanes, but I am not so keeon on running a production company,” Zibi said.
The company is now in production, has orders and is one step away from getting LSA certification in the U.S.
The aircraft has garnered generally positive reviews in flight tests by various publications and Canadian Aviator featured it earlier this year because of the company claims that the design is spin proof.