Searchers Divert To Fatal Floatplane Crash

An RCAF search and rescue C-130 already in the air on another search responded to the fatal crash of a floatplane near Chibougamau, about 700 km. north of Montreal on Friday. Three of the four occupants of the floatplane died in the crash. The unidentified men in their 60s and 70s were reportedly on a fishing trip. The ELT triggered and the wreck was spotted from the air a short time later. Search and rescue technicians parachuted to the site and confirmed the deaths. The injured man was flown out by the RCAF, checked in hospital and released.

The aircraft was searching an area just north of Montreal for a helicopter that went missing with a prominent Quebec businessman and his son aboard. Stephane Roy and his son were on his Robinson R-44 and were reported overdue late Wednesday. Roy is described as an experienced helicopter pilot who often flies the R-44. He is the CEO of Sagami, a greenhouse tomato grower. The search area is about 60 km. north of Montreal near Saint-Sophie, the intended destination. Two Griffon helicopters and the C-130 were involved in the search.