Turbulence Hurts 37 On Air Canada Flight

Pilots of an Air Canada Boeing 777-200 had little warning of the violent turbulence that injured 37 passengers and crew over the Pacific on Thursday. Passengers described a chaotic scene on board the aircraft, which was on its way to Sydney from Vancouver, when it hit the rough air about 1,000 miles southwest of Hawaii. Many of those not buckled in hit the ceiling and service items and personal belongings went flying. Most of the injuries were minor but nine passengers were admitted to hospital in Honolulu. All had been released by Saturday.

Passengers interviewed in Hawaii reported a pilot ordering passengers to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts moments before the aircraft dropped suddenly. There were scattered showers in the immediate area but skies were mostly clear. Uninjured passengers were taken to hotels to wait for a replacement aircraft while the 777 was inspected.