Second Off-Airport Landing In A Week

For the second time in a week a training aircraft made an off-airport landing in metro Vancouver. The Cessna 152 with an instructor and student on board landed in a bushy area next to a road in Langley after losing power on takeoff from Langley Airport Friday afternoon. Instructor Max Arns said the aircraft was at about 200 feet when the engine quit and he just aimed for the clearest spot he could find. “I’m just happy to be alive,” he told CTV.

A week earlier, a Cessna 152 Aerobat landed on a freeway in Surrey after a fuel cap came off the airplane and all the fuel siphoned out. It was undamaged and a couple of jerry cans of gas allowed it to take off from the freeway for the short hop to Boundary Bay. The Cessna in the latest incident was substantially damaged and a nearby road had to be closed because of fuel leaking from the plane.