‘Flying Sucks’ Says New Airline

As it continues to announce its imminent launch, ultra low cost carrier Canada Jetlines has unveiled a marketing slogan that doesn’t raise too many expectations of the onboard experience. The Vancouver-based airline, which will charge for everything beyond the seat and seatbelt, will lure potential customers by telling them that “Flying sucks less when you pay less.” The cheeky slogan is part of its honesty-based rebellious identity. It was dreamed up by Quebec City communications agency Cossette, which also designed a new smirking logo and splashy orange livery for the aircaft.

“Flying will still suck,” the airline said in a statement. “There’s not much anyone can do about man-spreading seatmates, or tiny toilet stalls. But it will suck less when you pay less.” The airline said it’s part of the strategy to be “deliberately distinct” from mainstream carriers Air Canada and WestJet. The airline says it will start flying its first routes, using A320 aircraft, on Dec. 17.