Starfighter Acquired By Winnipeg Museum

The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg has announced it will be the new home of a lovingly restored CF-104 Starfighter. The Canadair-built “Widowmaker” will be the centrepiece of the museum’s Military Skies exhibit when the expanded and renovated museum opens in 2022. The aircraft is Starfighter 703 and has been the feature exhibit of a private museum at St. Andrews Airport just north of Winnipeg.

The aircraft was formerly owned by Stephen Pajot’s Canadian Starfighter Museum and Terry Slobodian,  the CEO of the Winnipeg museum, who negotiated the transfer of the iconic fighter to the Winnipeg collection. “Stephen Pajot has promised to be there often to tell you, our guests, the many exciting stories of the Starfighter’s role in aviation history,” Slobodian said.