TSB Recommends Tighter Screening for Pilot Medical Certifications

The Transportation Safety Board, in a final report issued on March 14, has recommended to Transport Canada that it “review and [improve] the Civil Aviation Medical Examiners’ guidelines.” This is a result of an investigation into the stall and subsequent crash on October 9, 2021, of an amateur-built Cavalier SA102.5 airplane a short distance from Lacombe airport (CEG3) in central Alberta, claiming the life of the pilot. A passenger was also on board and was seriously injured.

TSB investigators found that the pilot and aircraft owner, only 49 years old, exhibited signs that he had experienced a heart attack, although it was not possible to determine when it had occurred. Evidence of cardiovascular disease was also detected. The deceased was the holder of an Airline Transport Pilot Licence and was employed as an airline captain.

According to the TSB, since 2000 there have been eight accidents in Canada, including this event, involving commercial pilots where cardiovascular disease has been either the cause or a contributing factor.