Tutor Gate Guardian Career Ends

A Canadair CT-114 won’t be standing on guard outside of Fort McMurray airport any longer. After a nine-year career welcoming passengers to the airport’s new terminal (constructed in 2014), the aircraft, bedecked in RCAF Snowbird livery, was removed recently by the Fort McMurray Airport Authority (FMAA), citing deterioration of the airframe due to its exposure to the Northern Alberta climate.

“To ensure the safety of our passengers and employees, we have taken the display down,” said Cuyler Green, the airport’s vice-president of operations and infrastructure. “We are currently working to find an appropriate organization to donate the aircraft to.”

The FMAA is soliciting suggestions from the public for what its replacement should be.

“We’re asking for input and suggestions from the folks who know our region best – our residents,” the FMAA’s CEO Denean Robinson said. She added that the replacement should be representative of the community and be aligned with the FMAA’s values of “safety, sustainability, creativity, people and leadership.”

Suggestions can be sent to info@flyymm.com.