U.S. Shoots Down UFO Near Alaska-Yukon Border

Less than a week after taking out one object flying over the U.S., albeit clearly identified as a balloon, the United States has once again shot down what they are referring to this time as a car-sized “object” and which they are saying they have not yet identified. Ergo, since this “object” was flying, it was an Unidentified Flying Object. The takedown occurred just before it was to enter Canadian airspace from northeastern Alaska.

Perhaps sensitive to criticism from his political opponents for delaying the takedown of last week’s balloon, U.S. president Joe Biden gave the order for the F-22s to shoot down the intruder just hours after it was detected by the country’s defence systems – presumably NORAD.

As this article was dispatched, there is no word yet on the origin or the nature of the UFO (now referred to in U.S. military parlance as a UAP, meaning Unexplained Aerial Phenomena).