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Kelowna Mosquito Flies Home

KF Aerospace’s Mosquito is now safely tucked in a hangar at the company’s Kelowna headquarters. The aircraft, a former Spartan Air Services high altitude mapping aircraft, was purchased earlier this year but was stored at […]

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Canada's F-18s will likely be refueled by a Polaris on their way to Poland.
Fighters To Poland A Major Operation
Last week the federal government announced that Canada will send six CF-18 fighters to Poland in response to escalating tensions in the Ukraine. The aircraft will be part of a ...
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A quadcopter drone shot this 737 on approach to YVR.
YVR Drone Video Stirs Controversy
An unidentified person who goes by the YouTube name of Quadrotor Dragonfly is stirring some angry controversy after a clearly illegal and potentially dangerous drone flight resulted in a bird's ...
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Canada has four "test" CH-148 Cyclone helicopters.
Feds Looking for Quick Helicopter Fix
After 20 years of attempting, by various means, to replace Canada's Sea King helicopters, the federal government has embarked on a kind of speed date with those who might provide ...
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