Mid-Air Collision in Alberta

A rare occurrence in Canadian skies to be sure, but a mid-air collision did take place this week not far from Alberta’s Villeneuve airport (CZVL), and remarkably no one was killed or even injured. At […]

Helicopter Firefighting Fatality

Although wildfire activity across Canada is noticeably lighter this year than in recent years, the risk associated with fighting them remains. Last week a Bell 212 helicopter belonging to Great Slave Helicopters crashed near Fort […]

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GAL Aerospace Acquires AeroQuest
GAL Aerospace Acquires AeroQuest
Canada's leadership in the aircraft completion industry was enhanced last week with the acquisition of AeroQuest Inc., of Lawrenceville, Georgia, by GAL Aerospace, of Montreal. GAL is a world-renowned producer ...
Sun ‘n Fun Draws Canadians South
Blue skies and round engines are an irresistible combination for winter-weary Canadians After the winter most Canadians endured, the "official" start to the air show season, Sun 'n Fun in ...
Evolution of the Webster Competition
Contestants in the Webster competition are tested on all aspects of aviation. The annual Webster Memorial Trophy Competiton to pick Canada’s best amateur pilot is in the advanced planning stages and will ...

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