Aero150 Hampered By Rain

Despite sleet, near freezing temperatures and a generally miserable day, the French Air Force’s Patrouille de France were able to wow a determined air show crowd at Aero150 in Gatinueau April 30.

The eight-plane formation performed with the Snowbirds at the early air show, which was hastily arranged to take advantage of the French team’s April tour of the U.S.

Gatineau usually has its show in summer but it shifted to April 30 to accommodate the French team’s schedule.

The Snowbirds shifted their schedule to be at the show, too, using Gatineau to launch their season when they normally head for more convivial conditions in the U.S. for the early dates.

Those who braved the weather were thrilled with the show, which also included aircraft from Vintage Wings of Canada’s collection along with other warbirds.