Flair Airlines Announces Airline Cadet Training Program

In what Flair is calling a first-of-its-kind program in North America, the Edmonton-based ultra-low-cost airline has announced it is partnering with Genesis Flight College of Collingwood, Ontario to recruit and train new pilots from scratch then employ them as first officers on their fleet of Boeing 737s.

Citing pilot training programs typical of European countries, Flair says it will implement a “rigorous pre-selection” process before accepting candidates into the 18-month program. Upon successful completion, a cadet will have a minimum of 250 hours of flight time, a commercial licence with a multi-IFR rating, and achieved at least 80 percent on all their exams. They must also pass psychometric tests. The cadet will then become a first officer on Flair’s 737 MAX.

By offering a conditional offer of employment from the outset, with a defined salary structure, it is expected that it will be easier for cadets to obtain financing for the training.

According to Genesis, at each step in the training process (i.e., to PPL, then to CPL, then to Multi-IFR), the cadet will need to achieve the target minimum scores on exams and be continually assessed for suitability to be able to continue in the program.

The type rating on the 737 MAX will be provided by an outside contractor.