Mission Pilot Double Rescue

A young Canadian missionary pilot was instrumental in giving some African babies a shot at a normal life last August. Brett Reierson, who flies for Mission Aviation Fellowship, was able to land at the remote village in the Congo where new mom Claudine Mukhena had gone looking for help with her newborn cojoined twin girls. The babies clearly needed more help than the local medical facilities could offer and that’s where the MAF and Reierson came in. The graduate of the Prairie School of Missionary Aviation in Three Hills, Alberta was able to fly to the village to pick up the twins and their parents, who had already endured a motorcycle trip of hundreds of miles to seek help.

Reierson took the young family to a hospital where the babies were separated in a delicate operation. Three months later, the girls were released from hospital and are now at home. “It was a super neat opportunity for her to share that experience with me, so that was really fun and to be able to offer this flight for this family,” Reierson told CTV.