Nav Canada Decommissioning of Traditional NAVAIDs Continues

A recent study by Nav Canada has resulted in the decision to decommission more navigational aids across Canada. Part of an ongoing program, the current tranche (Phase 9) subject to permanent shut down includes 19 facilities, all but one NDBs. The VOR being decommissioned is the Mans VOR (YMS), located about midway between Collingwood and Brampton in Ontario. The NDBs to be decommissioned are in British Columbia (2), Alberta (4), Manitoba (3), Ontario (2) and Quebec (7).

“Where a current NAVAID identified in the study serves as an instrument approach aid or anchors an airway segment, Nav Canada will ensure that an RNAV (GNSS) instrument approach procedure (IAP) or RNAV airway segment is published, where required, before the identified NAVAID is removed,” Nav Canada states in a recently issued Aeronautical Information Circular (34/22).