New Laser Protection Developed

Metamaterial Technologies has developed a new laser film.

A Nova Scotia company has invented a window film that protects pilots against laser attacks.

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) nannounced this week that it has reached a deal with Airbus who will test the material for possible use on its products.

The film reflects laser light but is transparent to normal light intensities. It is colour-neutral, which means that if it reflects a green laser it won’t leave behind a magenta tinge.

Laser strikes are becoming a major problem and thousands are reported every year.

MTI CEO George Palikaras told reporters, the problem will only get worse as lasers find their way into more and more devices.

“There are lasers in everything, in everyday equipment including your Xbox and your Playstation (which) has blue lasers,” he said. “You can scavenge a lot of the lasers and create a powerful device, unfortunately.”

In most cases, laser strikes cause only momentary distraction but several pilots have reported temporary vision damage.