Pilots Continue to Report UFOs

There have been 22 reports of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, so far this year, according to Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System, or CADORS. And this system does not include reports by military observers. Ten of those reports were from airline pilots flying for Air Canada, WestJet, Porter and Delta, among others.

“I wouldn’t write any of those off as insignificant,” Donald Kavalench, a former RCAF and Transport Canada pilot told the CBC in an interview. “These reports must be taken seriously and the fact that we have no real follow up on any of these incidents speaks volumes to the inadequacy of our airspace security.”

One such report was by an Air Canada pilot when flying over Lake Superior on his way from Calgary to Montreal. He reported “…a green flash descending through their altitude” of 41,000 feet. Another entry originating from a KLM pilot flying between Mexico City and Amsterdam “…reported a bright light at their 12 o’clock…” off the southern coast of Nova Scotia.

Readers can learn more about the CADORS online database by following this link.