Westjet Pays House Repairs

Toilet ice from a passing Encore flight knocked a hole in a Calgary house.

WestJet stepped up immediately to pay for repairs to a Calgary couple’s home that was hit by toilet ice earlier this week.

The chunk of ice went through the roof, ceiling and ended up in the basement of the home that Theresa Couch and her husband have shared for 42 years.

All of a sudden we heard this big bang and all this stuff falling,” Couch told Global News. She and her husband were in another part of the house at the time and were not hurt.

The sound of the impact was heard by neighbours who also thought an explosion occurred.

After a little investigation, it was determined the likely source of the ice was an Encore Q400 that was on final for Calgary International when the ice hit.

“This is a most unfortunate incident for the family whose home was damaged and we will be reaching out to pay for all necessary repairs to their home,” Global quoted WestJet spokeswoman Lauren Stewart as saying in an email.